About the Columbus Ohio Midwestern Invitational Classic Bowling Tournament


About C.O.M.I.C

Columbus Ohio Midwestern Invitational Classic (COMIC) is a not-for- profit social and service organization. COMIC primarily focuses on promoting bowling and sportsmanship within the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender (GLBT) community through its annual bowling tournament. There are also benefits held throughout the year to help fund the tournament. Additionally, COMIC raises money for local charitable organizations of interest to the GLBT community.

Since 1982, Columbus has hosted a bowling tournament for the GLBT community. The current tournament, COMIC, began in 1994 and has continued annually, with few exceptions.

2018 COMIC Tournament Results

Congrats to all of our past winners. Click here to download a PDF of the 2018 results!

2019 COMIC Tournament Results

Congrats to all of our past winners last year. Click here to download a PDF of the 2019 results!

2022 COMIC Committee Members


Larry Colley
Brandon Boucher
Ed Townsend

Co- Director


Larry has been bowling in COMIC since 1996 and a member of the committee since 1997. He has served many roles over the years and has made friends with bowlers from all over. His crowning moment was winning Miss IGBABE in 1998 as Monica Onherkneeski.



Brandon has bowled in COMIC for several years and this is his third year on the Committee and his first year as co-director.



Ed was one of the orginal founders of COMIC. He has been Director, Statistician and is currently our treasurer.  He has been with our Co-Director Steve for over 25 years and they have two sons together.

Mark McWhorter



Mark has been bowling with COMIC for four years. He has been Secretary for two years and has also served as the hospitality chair.

Don Mansfield



This is Don's second year on the COMIC Committee and first as an officer. On top of being the statistician, he also updates and maintains the website.

Josh Keslar

Committee Member


Josh has bowled in COMIC for going on ten years and this is his fourth year on the committee. Josh is responsible for gifts and trophies.

Jerry Cooperrider

Committee Member


Jerry serves as our Committee's Hotel Chair and has been involved in COMIC for 15 years off and on. He has also served as a Co-Director in the past.

Jerry Sesco

Committee Member


Jerry has been involved in COMIC for 22 years and serves as our IGBO rep. His wisdom and knowledge is something we always rely upon to keep us going forward.

Jeff Redfield

Committee Member


Jeff first bowled in COMIC in 1996 and joined the Committee the next season and served as Director in 1999. Jeff served on various Committee Shows and was Miss COMIC in 2011. He served as Co-Director in 2013 as well.

Stephen Townsend

Committee Member


Steve has been involved with the COMIC Committee from the beginning. He has held positions as Director and Fundraising Chair. He and our Treasurer Ed have been together for over 25 years and have two sons together.

Sarah Williams

Committee Member


Sarah has been on the COMIC Committee since 2012 and has previously served as Co-Director and Secretary,


Committee Member


Stella has been involved with COMIC since being named Miss COMIC in 2018. She convinced her husband to start bowling and fund-raises better than the IRS.

Kenneth Reed

Committee Member


Kenneth joined COMIC in 2010 and has served as the raffle chair for the last two years. He is also proud to serve as first husband this year.

Jason Modrey

Committee Member


Jason has bowled in COMIC for the last four years and has been a member of the Committee for the last three seasons.

Sheri Knapp

Committee Member


This is Sheri's second year on the COMIC Committee. She likes to help with our fund raisers at South Bend.

Jamie Mehic

Committee Member

Jamie helps with our fundraisers at South Bend and will helping with our raffles during COMIC.